The numbers say we are not alone in the universe

They also say we are alone, here, now, in our tiny corner of space.

What we know of time tells us galaxies and civilizations have been born,

grown up, and turned to dust, Then once again had the pieces swept up and used as the building blocks for tomorrow.

In July 2022, the world looked to the stars and opened a new human chapter.

We found we could see further back in time than ever before.  

And what do we see?


Beautiful, beautiful chaos.

Finding out the order our minds try to impose on the universe is not real can be disconcerting for some,

but to me, it’s music.

Stars ripping through nebulas like baseballs through cotton candy.

Galaxies squeezing past black holes only to have billions of stars scattered into the darkness like multicolored Christmas lights.

The colors in space are unimaginable and unending.

What we can see and what we will never know.

Every color, every wavelength.

I see that this vastness and chaos can also create a symmetry. 

Like here, on our little watery rock floating through space.

A place where we can dream, build and reach for the stars and find the future.

This year. I ask you to look at the universe and show us your future.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but I believe in you.

Because the numbers say, we are all lucky to be here.

And anyone that lucky can do anything.

~ Chris Herring, Creative Director PDXWLF