Feb 4, 4 – 10 pm
Feb 5, 11 am – 4 pm
(not all installations are accessible at all times – some may need darkness)

In January, CETI convened a group of over 50 artists, technologists, engineers, musicians and hackers for a weekend of Art-Tech Collaborative Creative Experiments at the CETI Lab to bring over 20 mesmerizing and joyful interactive, immersive creations to life.

Join us on Feb 4 (4pm – 10pm ish) and Feb 5 (11am – 4pm) at Fariborz Maseeh Hall at PSU (and other spaces) to experience Constellations — these magical interactive and immersive creations — as part of the Portland Winter Light Festival.

Participants include: Francesca Frattaroli, Kelsey Kavanagh, Abhijeet Prem, Reese Bowes, Lillyanne Pham, Alex Hessler, Nikita Andester, Brad Anderson, Allyson Hinnen,  Stefan Biskup III, Hilary Tsai, Jon Daries, Benjamin Lane, Laurel Jensen, Justin Patrizi, Bernardo Pantoja, Victoria Garcia, Jacob Richman, Heather Dunaway Smith, Brendon Jones, Carrie Clore, Scott Nieradka, Melanie Bowerman, Maxwell Ettell, Nikki Brovold, Chris Diana Peebles, Jacey Evergreen, Neil Kavanagh, Shawn Przybilla, Claire Cassidy, Nick Loy, Darcy Neal, Daniel Young, Kami Karras, Ree Seminole, Scott Garner, Spencer Lindsay, Rachel Donahue, Danny Suarez, Leslye Gonzalez Juarez, Thomas Fang, Mareika Glenn, Brynn Caputo, Grant Mooney, Genevieve Hildebrand-Chupp, Logan Vickery, Matthew Sottile, Nandini Ranganathan, Sean Conner, Jason Flynn, Kimberly Moses, Rebecca Watkins,  Ezra Shuster, Kristi Knight, Chris Balduc, Matthew Rempes, Francisco Botello, Martin Smith


CETI Collective