DATES: Entire Festival, February 3 – 11, 2023

STARTS: 8:00 am
ENDS: 8:00 am
JUPITER NEXT 900 E Burnside St
Portland, Oregon, 97214
BEST VIEW: Installation can be seen from the front window — facing East Burnside St.

MAP #: SE08

A visual representation of the mind and body existing as two separate things — working in tandem, influencing each other.

What goes on inside the mind is unique to us as an individual. The mind is non-spatial. It is based in thoughts, feelings, desires, and the ephemeral. Our thoughts have a direct impact on bodily actions, and the physical, world around us.

It is impossible to observe every facet of someone at once, or to understand another person, or a situation in its entirety. There always will be another side to the story beyond what we see. Our thoughts combine with what we learn and experience to inform our ever-changing consciousness, inner awareness, and perceived reality. Things appear a certain way to us in the moment, but nothing in the world stays the same forever.

The perception that the viewer has of the work depends on the time of day, and the angle it is viewed from. Each piece shifts as you walk by. They are intentionally difficult to capture on camera, and designed to be in a constant state of change. The human experience is most important to the work, allowing for everyone to see something different.


Ayla Leisure @artbyayla