Eternal Flame of Stupid Ideas and My Burning Pianist

DATES: Just the Weekends
(Feb 3-4 & Feb 10-11)

STARTS: 6:00 pm
ENDS: 10:00 pm

The Ministry of Stupid Ideas wants to showcase the vastness and chaos in our universe with art, fire, performance, music and interactive chaos.

My Burning Pianist with live performances on the Fire Piano will be on a raised platform stage which has large flame effects when a certain note is played. The Fire Piano will be played by special guest artists, and has small flames on a tube that is mounted horizontally on top. The small flame effect is continuous and dances along the tube as the piano is played which shows the relationship between sound waves and sound pressure. There is also a candelabra mounted on top that shoots the flame burst effects when a certain note is played. The accumulator tank and all the brass fittings for the flame effects are securely attached to the piano which is a work of art in itself.

In addition, our Eternal Flame of Stupid Ideas will return once again to the Portland Winter Light Festival to allow participants to submit their thoughts and stupid ideas between performances and will be located next to the stage. As in past years, these ideas will be evaluated by our Eternal Flame and if deemed exceptional or befittingly stupid the obelisk will react with a poof of flame signifying its approval.

Primary Artist

Ministry of Stupid Ideas

With help from: Sean Hathaway, Larry Lemanczyk, Aaron Le Rod, and Jonas Nash