Giant Disco Dance Floors

Feb 10 & 11

STARTS: 6:00 pm
ENDS: 10:00 pm

Christina Glabas and Holly Hogan, aka Portland’s most glamorous artistic duo, bring the dazzle of the undersea world to sea level and beyond by creating visually arresting and playful sculptures and spaces using upcycled objects, lighting elements, crystals, and fabrics. We are inspired by the outrageous style and design of the disco era and the infinite beauty that can be seen in the alien world of the deep sea. We feel that nature herself is the most glamorous creatirix and we are but a vessel for her musings. We have built large scale outdoor sculptures for What The Festival, including the World’s Most Glamorous Clam in 2015 and a full scale illuminated discotheque called the Copa Clambana in 2016. We enjoy working together and with other women to bring empowered, feminine art to public spaces.


The Glam Clam