GiftyKitty Cat Wonderland

DATES: Entire Festival, February 3 – 11, 2023

STARTS: 6:00 pm
ENDS: 10:00 pm
GiftyKitty 3719 N Mississippi Avenue
Portland, Oregon, 97227
BEST VIEW: Door will be open till at least 10 pm or later depending on traffic. The installation will be glowing all through the night and can be viewed through the windows after hours.

MAP #: N10

Welcome to GiftyKitty’s enchanted glowy cat forest, a journey that is sure to unlock the awe and childlike wonder that you thought was left behind. For the duration of the festival, GiftyKitty will be filled with over 50 unique glowing cat art pieces made by more than 40 local artists and beyond. Kitties & cats of all shapes & styles mixed with beats that will touch your soul, move your booty and fill you with energy that encapsulates all the joy & whimsy you could ever hope for.

Come in, hang around, dance a little, meet people and take your sweet time experiencing this whimsical cat wonderland. We look forward to seeing you and sharing this fur-bulous experience with you.

Here are some of our glowing cats artists:

Amelia Opie, Andrei Engelman, Argon Vancouver, Ashley Anderson, Bridgett Spicer, Cat Champion, Clody Cates, Deborah Funches, Drawntworks, Emma Mary Art, Enid Traisman, Eric O’Banion, FairWulf, Famke, Gaige Qualmann, Gesine Kratzner, Jenny Rideout, Lauda Lacayo, Leah Clifford, Leslie Cobb, Lucas Antoniak, Makenna Cook, Melody Bush, Nancy Norman, Nicola Turville, Paige Tashner, Rachel Saunier, Rowan Kingsbury, Salwa & Mo, Sam Arneson, Teal Buehler, Teresa Bergen, Tiffany Barr …more will be added!

* All pieces made for this event will be available for purchase and will be ready for pick-up or mailed at the end of the festival.


GiftyKitty’s ArtsyCats