Mechan 42: Space Explorer

Mechan 42: Space Explorer is a 12′ tall robot and the sixth robot in the Mechan Inc series by Tyler FuQua Creations (TFC). The Mechans have been busy exploring this planet – from the deserts of Las Vegas to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and now to the bank of the Willamette River. This robot is the first art piece ever to be commissioned by the Portland Winter Light Festival. TFC has been part of the light fest from the very start and they are proud to be able to say so. This will be their 8th consecutive year bringing light, joy, and inspiration to the people of Portland.

Mechan 42 lines up directly with this year’s theme of “The Light of Stars” as the robot has literally plucked a star from space and brought it back to Earth. Mechan 42 (42 is the answer to the “ultimate questions of life, the universe, and everything”) features all of the features you come to expect from a Mechan – illuminated rivets, a humanistic yet simple design that seems very realistic, & a heart chamber which is the source of its power. But Mechan 42, like all of the robots, is a one-of-a-kind, hand crafted robot with its own personality. This robot was designed for space travel! It features a shiny space helmet with all the bells and whistles and a flaming jetpack capable of reaching the furthest corners of this universe. With the Mechans now being able to explore outer space in search of an eternal power source, this changes everything.


Tyler FuQua Creations