Spiral Breathing

DATES: Entire Festival, February 3 – 11, 2023

“Spiral Breathing” is meant to capture your attention with strikingly beautiful colors that are easy on your eyes and calming to your nervous system. These colors move very slowly in and out of a soft edge spiral form. Allow yourself to relax and take in the subtle saturated hue and value gradations possible with my technique. Some parts of the flowing color cycle happen super slowly, so it’s hard to tell that the piece is changing at all, where other parts move more fluidly. It is accompanied by some suggested simple breathing patterns for young and old alike. I invite you to follow the movement of light with your breath, allowing a few precious minutes of respite from the busy lives we lead.

Consisting of one or more 2’ x 2’ framed panel of translucent white acrylic, “Spiral Breathing” is lit from behind with programmable LED’s. The lights’s are intentionally kept very dim, less than 10% of full brightness, so the piece is more like looking at a watercolor color on paper rather than at a bright, backlit sign. Drop by to take a look and see if you can spot when the colors reverse. Stay a while and relax into the mesmerizing spiral movement accompanied by your own breath as they both glide gently in and out.


Bill Ernst