The Future of East Portland is Bright

DATES: Entire Festival, February 3 – 11, 2023

STARTS: 5:30 pm
ENDS: 7:30 pm
Lents Commons Suite B1 5859 SE 92nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon, 97266
BEST VIEW: View outside from the corner of 92nd ave and SE Foster!

MAP #: SE18

East Portland neighbors from Lents, Foster-Powell, and adjacent neighborhoods were invited to join together and create a UV/Glow-in-the-Dark exhibition for Portland Winter Light Fest (PDXWLF) in Lents Town Center throughout January 2023! This exhibit features a community mural “The Future of East Portland is Bright”, and a collection of portraits of “My Future Best Self”. Led by visual artist Yathzi Turcot and facilitated by East Portland Collective (EPC), this is a free collaborative art experience for the whole community designed to bring people together to talk about their futures, aspirations, and their dreams. This work builds connections and inspiration through creative collective work to promote resilience in historically under-served East Portland communities.

Primary Artist

Yathzi Turcot


East Portland Collective


East Portland, Lents Community!