Through the Shadows

Feb. 3 – 6, 5 – 11 pm
Feb. 9 – 11, 5 – 11 pm

What commonalities do we all share? The timeless human experiencing joy love grace, fear anger lust, compassion…courage. Through the shadows sometimes we must, and at others we travel in light. Both belong here it would appear. The journey, the ups, the downs, the metamorphosis of self.

We invite you to journey through our supposedly scary long alleyway, where up some stairs you’ll climb, to find the most unexpected space alit with a mysterious glow of transformation… Who is changing here? Could it be the orbs afloat upon ladder overhead? Or is it deeper within? Some kind of Earthly cocoons await your touch, explore the words of wisdom left through time as we delight in the now. Your presence is a present we hope to share.


Holland Mulder


Sean Bowie