Urban Northern Lights

DATES: Entire Festival, February 3 – 11, 2023

STARTS: 5:00 pm
ENDS: 10:00 pm

Imagine the beauty and the energy of the northern lights circling above the city skies in the Pacific Northwest. First year artist B. James Haugen has been enchanted by the Northern Lights since a child and decided to bring them to the streets of Portland in this year’s Portland Winter Light Festival. His piece titled Urban Northern Lights is a mixed media of new materials to him including cut vinyl, plexiglass, lights, and many dedicated hours of planning and execution in the studio. This piece will help any onlooker be visually transported by the magic, mystery, and movement with an array of colorful lights dancing over the sky, painted across a mountain vista, drifting across the river, and reflecting off fronts of buildings as they reach up into the sky to bring the different hues down to their glass-filled facades. Other features will light up both the piece and your face as you gaze through the windows of the Encore building during the festival—leaving you dreaming of your next visit to the Northern Lights.


B James Haugen