Astral Projections

DATES: Just the Weekends
(Feb 3-4 & Feb 10-11)

STARTS: 6:00 pm
ENDS: 10:00 pm
World Trade Center SW 1st Ave & SW Salmon St.
Portland, Oregon, 97204
BEST VIEW: 10-15 feet circulating around the installation

MAP #: D03b

Astral Projections features the reflection and refraction of light within a multi-layered octahedron. Composed of transparent acrylic panels, the octahedron rests on a podium, which conceals the source of a projected image. Using the principle of Pepper’s Ghost in the form of stacked, hologram pyramids, the octahedron creates the illusion of a three-dimensional object, abstracted through multiple layers of transparent pyramidal shapes. The podium is comprised of a steel frame and a matte black finished plywood box that houses LED screens projecting images upwards. A steel bar frame is mounted above the LED screens to support the octahedron.

The ever-changing projected images take viewers into an unknown place in the vastness of the galaxy, where millions of stars burst into an unimaginable energy, exploding the most brilliant colors in every direction, endlessly morphing into new fascination, shining new lights into the darkness. It makes you wonder. It gives you hope.


TVA Architects