Dance of the Exoplanets

DATES: Entire Festival, February 3 – 11, 2023

STARTS: 6:15 pm
ENDS: 11:15 pm

Curious about the newly discovered planets out there in the Milky Way? We’ll present a glorious parade of exoplanets using enormous proprietary projection screens that create a convincing 3D illusion.

State of the art astronomy animation software is used to meld science’s limited exoplanet data with scientific “best-guesses” to create high resolution rotating planets of all colors, sizes, surface features, cloud patterns, and ring and moon systems.

These are projected on a proprietary curved circular screen we’ve developed. The combination of the projection of a spherical planet on our screen creates a very convincing illusion of three-dimensionality in the mind of the viewer. It’s just beautiful.

Primary Artist

Eric Muhs


SkyDome Portable Planetarium Co.