DATES: Just the Weekends
(Feb 3-4 & Feb 10-11)

STARTS: 6:00 pm
ENDS: 10:00 pm

Eight rings of gleaming spheres fold light and perception of the space they inhabit- referencing the eightfold path of mindful living and self observation- provide an experience of introspection on the idea of self reflection. How is an effort to follow a path of right living influenced by distortions in our perception of self and of environment? Can awareness of the fallibility of perception inform more kind and thoughtful reflections, perceptions, and actions? Like a curved surface bends light, so do the contours of our experiences shape the way we perceive, the way we perceive shapes what we believe, what we believe shapes how we act. As we join together in the act of observation with others, the field grows more dynamic and complex, and our consideration of how we inhabit space and society become increasingly important. Eightfold invites the observer to consider the shape of their internal landscape, to take note of how it affects perceptions, to believe more flexibly, and cultivate awareness of their perceived position in the social field.

Primary Artist

David S Dowling


Dana Faraday