Embrace – Loss and Light

DATES: Just the Weekends
(Feb 3-4 & Feb 10-11)

STARTS: 6:00 pm
ENDS: 10:00 pm

‘Embrace – Loss and Light’ is a cube of light supported by rings and creeping vines. Crystalline panels reveal a reminder of transformation and growth.

A new panel design honors fellow maker and artist, Heather Winfrey, who passed away after a very short and aggressive battle with 2 rare forms of cancer. She lived every moment of her life with spark and genuine curiosity. She rescued animals of all varieties, primarily working with cats and agencies in the area to keep stray populations safe and low. She was happiest outside with nature, swimming in the ocean, hiking, biking, or working in her gardens. She gave her heart freely and without judgment. She was vibrant and burned bright.

Heather and her husband were building their forever home from the ground up on the Big Island of Hawaii. There are so many beautiful plants on the property that she adored and cared for. I used two of her favorites here, the Hawaiian Poppy and the leaf of the Milo Tree.

My hope is that you are reminded to embrace life, because before we are ready, we are often asked to embrace loss.

For Heather Ann Woltz-Winfrey
July, 24 1984 – October, 27 2022

Tremendous gratitude in alphabetical order:

Christopher Condrat, “Future Mineral Tree”, Araya Pathwalker, Anne Peterson, Becca Priddy, Evelyn Radcliff, Sally, Dianna Sowles, Paige Tashner, Sarah Taylor, Cassie Jo Wilson, Angela Whitman, Jerald Winfrey, Kathy Woodard


Molly Gregory