Flying Saucer

Play an arcade style game, defend Earth from the Alien Flying Saucer!!! The Oregon City Elevator, built in 1955 features a Flying Saucer section and a 180ft tall shaft which an elevator takes passengers from downtown Oregon City to the upper observation deck within the saucer section and Promenade walkway in midtown Oregon City. The game play was inspired by the space themed architecture and the classic Arcade game Galactica and Atari Space Invaders.

This custom built game has only one level and the goal of shooting all of the small alien ships as they shoot back and finally you must shoot the Flying Saucer 10 times to save earth and WIN!

The rest of the year static images are displayed on the elevator for special events and holidays such as a Spider for Halloween, and Shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day.

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Technical design and implementation by Party Factory Events
Artist & Conceptual Designer Cyrus Zamani

Primary Artist

Cyrus Zamani


Party Factory Events