Feb 10-11, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

STARTS: 6:00 pm
ENDS: 10:00 pm

Harmonia is a 15 foot spherical interactive light sculpture of 13000 programmable LEDs animated in harmonically related motion. The radial patterns change through cycles and epicycles, then repeat. A nearby picture-framed touch screen kiosk makes it richly interactive. Participants guide Harmonia’s activities with gestures by using one or more fingers on the screen. The intuitive graphical interface provides a vocabulary of effects, transforming the installation from eye candy into a giant toy people line up to play with. The original theme was based on wave pendulums wrapped in a circle. Visitors may now select additional themes to animate the canvas and create more variations than they can discover in an hour.


Roy (TheWiz) Trammell