Dimensional Dreams

DATES: Entire Festival, February 3 – 11, 2023

Dimensional Dreams is a collaborative project by Becca Priddy about finding your happy place. Each hand crafted cube displays a location that an artist has drawn or photographed, and answers the question “Where do you go to relax?”.

Each cube is hand cut out of maple. The cubes measure 11.5³in and inside each cube layers of laser cut cast acrylic are separated by one inch to create a three dimensional dreamscape. A button on the top of each cube allows participants to browse nine different lighting sequences, but during the pandemic it has been converted to wireless controls over the internet. Participants can push a virtual button on the Dimensional Dreams website on their phone to control the boxes.

Although best played with at night, Dimensional dreams can be viewed during the daytime too!

Dimensional Dreams has been made possible with generous funding from Precipitation Northwest 501c3 and Portland Winter Light Festival.


Becca Priddy


Andy Vanoverberghe


Jean Bessette Tyler